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Free Neat Video Profiles 5D Mark III ML RAW


Here are my free Neat Video Pro noise profiles. Use them with footage from a Canon EOS 5D Mark III recorded using Magic Lantern RAW. I've made them using Neat Video's noise calibration chart and fine-tuned the patches by hand. Just unzip them into the "Profiles" folder of your Neat Video for After Effects.


Plugin: Neat Video Pro for After Effects
Camera model: Canon EOS 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern RAW
Profiles for ISO Range: 100 - 12800

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<

Hint: To remove any possible banding caused by NeatVideo dither the denoised footage by adding a tiny amount of noise. In example apply the Noise filter inside AfterEffects with 0,4% strength right after the NeatVideo Effect.

Music Video - Freier Fall


Finally - here is Mark Tarmonea's music video "Freier Fall" that we shot a couple of days ago.

iTunes Mark Tarmonea - Freier Fall
Soundcloud Mark Tarmonea - Freier Fall

BTS of Mark Tarmonea's music video


We made a music video for my pal Mark Tarmonea in our studio. For lighting the background and models I used the 4ft / 4bank DIY KinoFlo's that I've built especially for this purpose - and they were great! Editing was done by Michael Ronge and Color Grading by me. Now Im doing some beauty retouching using a combination of Mocha AE, Beauty Box Video Plugin and Box Blur in After Effects. Here are a couple of snapshots I took with my phone from our shoot: Read More...

Built myself some professional DIY KinoFlo's


In the last few days I've built myself a couple of 4ft 4Bank professional DIY KinoFlo's for an upcoming shoot. I improved the original design by integrating the fixture inside an ultralight Flightcase. This makes them very portable an no bags are needed anymore. Here are a couple of snapshots I took with my phone.


How to correctly calibrate your iMac


Older iMacs built before 2011 were complicated to calibrate but things have improved since then. Newer iMacs 2011/2012/2013 uses the best IPS technology and are amazing, once calibrated. But for best results you have to use the correct colorimeter and software.

I can highly recommend the i1 Display Pro from X-Rite. It comes with it‘s own software but if you want best results you should consider buying basICColor display 5. This software is really worth the extra money. If you want to save a couple of bucks basICColor offers a bundle for display 5 with 1 or 3 licenses plus the colorimeter named SQUID3. Basically it‘s the same colorimeter but...

>>> UPDATE <<<

If you want to know what display is built inside your iMac, MacBook Pro, ... open the terminal and enter this command: Read More...

Motion Controlled Dolly + CODE


I’ve got a couple of requests to upload the Arduino Code for my Motion Controlled Dolly again. Since I’ve updated my homepage, some of the old Blog links and resources do not work anymore. Therefore I repost the whole thing again:

Here is the final code for my Motion Controlled Dolly (based on Arduino and Easydriver) with super smooth acceleration and deceleration ramp: You can download it here: Arduino Sketch ver.03 (you’ll also need to download the „Accel-Stepper library“ v1.5 from Mike McCauley) A big thank you goes to the programmer Brian Schmalz from www.schmalzhaus.com

The motor I’ve used is a hybrid stepper motor from Trinamic that is optimized for micro stepping. The code works out of the box with this motor: QSH4218-51-049 (I’ve got it from www.reichelt.de for EUR 29,- ) If you use a different motor you might have to ... Read More...

5D MK3 RAW & DaVinci Resolve 10


The new version of DaVinci Resolve 10 is finally out there and it works now very good with the „Magic Lantern RAW“ footage from a Canon 5D Mark III. No more fringing or aliasing in the footage! The quality is just amazing!

Some great footage from Andre Meyer can be seen here: Beauty in Nature (5D MK3 RAW)

If you want to learn DaVinci Resolve I can highly recommend the video tutorial „DaVinci Resolve 9 Core Training“ by Alexis Hurkman found on rippletraining.com

The One - First Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Shortfilm


I worked as 1st AC with Frank Glencairn and Lukas Schuler for „The One“ - First Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Shortfilm. We had a great time together during this 2 day shoot with plenty of coffee.
Since Im too tired to write now :-) read Frank’s full blog post here: THE1
Here is the shortfilm on vimeo: BMPCC Shortfilm
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